Since 2009 we here at CannaPunch have been the leading makers of delicious cannabis products! Our staple product made its debut in Nevada as the first infused beverage to hit the market and quickly became a fan favorite. Made by local cannabis enthusiast and infused with only the highest quality Nevada grown cannabis, this drink packs a real “punch” that you’re sure to love!

Highly Edible Pucks

With so many other edibles on the market, it is sometimes hard to find a way to set things apart from the competition.
We found a way by offering our hand infused “Highly Edible” gummy. We only use the highest quality Nevada grown cannabis to infuse our products, ensuring they will always be a step above the rest!

Dutch Girl

We offer an array of delectable edibles in our Dutch Girl line, each one inspired by traditional Dutch treats!
From savory Stroopwafles to Sweet sugar cubes, these hand infused treats are sure to make a great addition to your cup of tea or coffee!

Nordic Goddess

Our infused, therapeutic body balm combines a unique mixture of plant extracts and healing herbs to create a rejuvenating experience for your skin. Using only top quality ingredients and cannabis oil, we have created the perfect anti-inflammatory, pain relieving topical.