The Drink that Packs a Punch!

This delicious non-carbonated, cannabis infused beverage packs a real “punch” at 100mg per bottle. We are proud to boast that each drink is gluten free, soy free, corn syrup free and made with all natural, vegan friendly ingredients. Available in a wide variety of flavors as well as new sugar free options!

Blue Raspberry Sour

That vivid blue color is captivating and the delicious, mildly tangy flavor follows suit! This flavor is great when made into ice cubes for fun poolside drinks!

Grand Daddy Grape

The bright and bold flavors that come from a fresh grape shine through in this flavor-packed punch! Try adding this to a refreshing glass of Sprite for a fun and delicious spritzer. We’re sure that each sip will bring you closer to your happy place.

Watermelon Nectar

The complex yet delicate flavor of watermelon is captured so expertly in every sip! The colder this drink gets, the bolder the flavor profile gets! This nectar can be frozen for some fun and delicious popsicles.

Black Cherry Fusion

This richly flavored drink perfectly complements the warm, earthy tones of our high-quality medicine. This cocktail showcases notes of perfectly matured cherry and currant, and is guaranteed to pack a refreshing punch!

Pineapple Mango Delight

This classic tropical flavor combination is one of our favorite offerings. The vibrant flavor of pineapple pairs well with the mildly sweet mango undertones and is definitely a taste sensation that we deem delightful.

CannaPunch Lite

Our all new Zero Sugar Cannapunch Lite is now available as a healthier option and is sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Made with monk-fruit and isomalt, sugar substitutes these beverages still pack a real “punch” like the original CannaPunch!
Infused with real terpenes derived from the cannabis strains, Granddaddy purple and pineapple express ensure a bold, flavor packed experience! These drinks are fantastic for consumers who may be diabetic, watching there sugar intake, or those who simply want a healthier alternative.
Available in Indica and Sativa options!