No matter which product of ours you decide to enjoy make sure to do so responsibly!

Why don’t I feel anything right away?

Marijuana affects everyone differently, especially when in edible form. The effects of marijuana can take up to two hours to metabolize and onset. Certain actions, like eating fatty foods for example, can help speed up the metabolism of a marijuana infused edible within your body. It is important to remember to wait the full two hours before consuming more than the recommended dose of 10 milligrams.

How long do the effects last?

The lasting effects of a marijuana infused edible are different for everyone. They are determined by your personal metabolism, tolerance, and the amount consumed. Generally in most cases the effects last from two to eight hours.

Should I refrigerate my CannaPunch?

CannaPunch is certified shelf stable, and does not need to be refrigerated until after it has been opened. Of course, we think it tastes better cold, but to each their own.

What happens if I take more than the recommended serving size?

First of all, START OUT SLOW! Cannabis tolerance is different for everyone. The recommended dosage of Cannabis is 10mg. Consume in an environment that you are comfortable in. Cannabis like any other substance is a “self-discovery” process. For example, if you wanted to try alcohol for the first time you wouldn’t start with a double shot of tequila. Again, START OUT SLOW!

Is there a difference between the medical CannaPunch and the recreational CannaPunch?

The biggest difference between medical CannaPunch and recreational CannaPunch is the amount of THC in each bottle. Our highest milligram drink on the medical side is 200 milligrams and our highest milligram on the recreational side is 100 milligrams. Other than the amount of THC, our medical and recreational products are produced using the same process and high quality buds.

How do you ensure each bottle is consistently infused?

We have developed a highly scientific and regimented approach to infusing our products, and utilize properly calibrated, laboratory-grade equipment to help us do so.

A 250mg Tumbleweed Vaporizer Pen I purchased says that contains less than 100% THC; does this mean I’m getting less than 250mg of THC?

No, we titrate (adjust) the potency of the batch to assure that the pen contains at least 250mg of active THC. The % value referenced on the label is the starting potency of the cannabis oil prior to blending.

I’ve heard that certain vaporizer pens can cause something called ‘lipid lung’; how do I make sure that I remain safe?

Lipid lung is a condition caused by inhaling whole oil droplets. This has traditionally been a very rare condition, however, with the rise of untrained amateurs attempting to create their own pens and vaporizer liquid, as well as using devices and liquids are not designed to atomize fully, this condition is unfortunately becoming more common. The best way to avoid this condition is to always purchase professionally manufactured pens and vaporizer liquid. Always use these items in the way described by the manufacturer. The base pen that we use for our Tumbleweed Vaporizer Pens is designed to get much hotter than the temperature necessary to achieve atomization, but not so hot that it incinerates. This is why the pen will blink red and not draw temporarily when it has been heavily used; it is a safety feature to make sure it cools down and atomizes the liquid entirely.

How can I order products for my dispensary?

Please refer to the About Page and feel free to contact us via phone or by E-mail. After we answer all your questions to the best of our ability we will have you create a Merchant Login that will give us the necessary information we need to provide you compliant service, along with the ability to order online.

Are your products available in a state other than Colorado?

Currently we only sell our products in the colorful state of Colorado. We are right now exploring opportunities in other states and will inform our loyal foodies through E-mail, this website, and through our social media outlets. (Please have links to the social media outlets here) Should you decide to visit the beautiful State of Colorado, please use the Locations Page (create link) to find the recreational dispensary closest to you where you may purchase our products. No matter what we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Colorado state laws pertaining to medical marijuana (create link) before visiting Colorado. IT IS ILLEGAL TO TRANSPORT ANY MARIJUANA PRODUCT ACROSS COLORADO STATE LINES!

Is it possible to ground-ship or air-ship any products to my home?

No. As a wholesale manufacturer of cannabis infused foods, we can only sell to licensed dispensaries in the state of Colorado, and only to dispensaries that are legally allowed to sell to the general public.

Is it possible to ship any of our products to a licensed dispensary?

It is illegal for any cannabis company to utilize any postal service to ship any cannabis product anywhere even if the other state has legal cannabis laws. This applies even within the State of Colorado.